Collaboration with the IIT

 In BeDimensional and IIT


BeDimensional S.r.l. was born from the Technological Transfer program of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), and took inspiration from the initiative of leading worldwide researchers in the research on graphene and two-dimensional materials. The activity of BeDimensional is based on a patented method of production of two-dimensional crystals allowing control of their morphological properties.

The scientific component of BeDimensional puts the company in a leading position in the field of materials science: in fact, it is at the center of the most advanced international research programs and plays a role of development, innovation and coordination in the “Graphene” Flagship (currently the largest research program financed by the European Union, with an investment of about one billion Euro over 10 years). In particular, in the organization chart of the Graphene Flagship, some of our founding partners play an essential role of development, innovation and coordination.

BeDimensional has its operational headquarters in Genoa and it has the possibility to use the laboratories and facilities of the IIT for the characterization of materials and for the testing, as well as continuing exchange with the researchers of the Graphene Labs.

In the last year alone, the Graphene Labs of IIT have raised about 2 million from external sources through contracts with businesses, also thanks to the key role played in the “Graphene” Flagship.