The ability to mix two-dimensional crystals with already known materials (such as plastics) opens up a scenario unimaginable until a few years ago in the industrial sector, thanks to the possibility/opportunity of engineering composites with ad-hoc properties depending on the applications.

BeDimensional’s activity is therefore on the one hand to be an expert consultant to help the market and companies understand the potential of this material revolution, supporting the insertion of this knowledge into the value chain and into the production processes, and on the other hand to make available on the market its crystals of high quality and purity produced with patented processes.


The ability to mix graphene and other two-dimensional crystals with already known materials, such as plastics, opens up scenarios that were unimaginable until a few years ago in the industrial sector, thanks to the implementation of composite materials with mechanical, electric, optical and thermal properties impossible to achieve until now. As producers, we wish to be mindful and sensitive to the needs of companies that want to innovate, able to solve any problems by putting at their disposal new materials that will differentiate them on the market, and capable of conveying their best image to end customers.


Our recipes are unique, we know the ingredients and how to mix them, the function of each component and the impact it has on the materials we propose to companies.

It is never just a question of production: we can revolutionize a product and its strength on the market, significantly enhancing the ability of the partner company to generate value. For this reason, we become its collaborators and trusted advisors.