The war on fake graphene

Nature International journal of science – October 8, 2018 –  Link to article. The war on fake graphene The material graphene has a vast number of potential applications — but a survey [...]

The battery explained to our children

Corriere della Sera – July 27, 2018 – “Imagine find yourself alone and thirsty in the desert: salvation is to have a bottle of water in the bag. The usefulness to have available [...]

Graphene, the hi tech revolution

La Repubblica – April 9, 2018 “A two-dimensional carbon layerof the thickness of an atom that has the strenght of the diamond and the flexibility of the plastic”.  

The Graphene explained to my children

Corriere della Sera – March 30, 2018 – “Both the school and the experience have accostumed us to considerthe three spatial dimensions as the minimum limit of reality. Yet today [...]

My computers to wear

La Repubblica – February 7, 2018 – Interview with the Director of the Graphene Center in Cambridge. “Thanks to the graphene we create circuits impressed on the fibers”.