Graphene and the other 2-dimensional crystals in everyday life

There are multiple sectors where the use of graphene can be really essential for the implementation of newly-developed materials and/or devices, ranging from plastics and glass/carbon fibers to electronics, from metals to biomedicine.

In particular, in the area of production and transformation of plastics and glass and carbon fibers, the possibility to introduce graphene and other 2-dimensional crystals in certain products enables the companies of this sector to differentiate and increase their offer on the market, thanks to the significant improvement of the properties of polymers added with two-dimensional crystals. Companies dealing in the transformation of plastics and glass/carbon fibers could develop ad-hoc composite materials during their production stage, so as to implement functional products, then used to create design products, as well as products related to safety, to the building industry and to textiles, with unique and innovative characteristics.

Moreover, in the sector of electronics and sensors, graphene can be used as an ink and in combination with other materials to create printable and flexible circuits, able to process information in extreme conditions (flexible and "stretchable" electronics) and Internet of things.

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