The others 2D crystals

The family od 2-Dimensional crystals

In addition to graphene, there are several other two-dimensional materials, made of different atoms and with different properties, produced by the same technology as graphene: Boron Nitride, Molybdenum Disulfide or Tungsten Disulfide, Black Phosphorus, Gallium Sulfide, Tungsten Selenide, Niobium Selenide, Tantalum Selenide.

Boron Nitride (the White Graphene), for instance, has the same characteristics as graphene, but, being made of atoms of Nitrogen and Boron instead of Carbon, it is white instead of black and is a perfect electrical insulator instead of a perfect conductor. This material is an alternative to graphene for many mechanical reinforcement applications in design objects or structural parts that must act as electric insulators or for the protection of plastics and rubbers against thermal shocks or for anti-corrosion.

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