The ability to mix graphene and other two-dimensional crystals with already known materials, such as plastics, opens up scenarios that were unimaginable until a few years ago in the industrial sector, thanks to the implementation of composite materials with mechanical, electric, optical and thermal properties impossible to achieve until now. As producers, we wish to be mindful and sensitive to the needs of companies that want to innovate, able to solve any problems by putting at their disposal new materials that will differentiate them on the market, and capable of conveying their best image to end customers.


In cooperation with MOMODESIGN, we have built the world’s first graphene helmet, the result of the quality of the material, of the production process and of the level of performance achieved. Thanks to its properties, graphene distributes the impact force better than any other material. Thanks to the thermal conductivity properties of graphene, the high impact resistance is preserved even under extreme heat conditions. The thermoregulation directed by graphene onto the outer shell ensures more comfort to the biker even during direct exposure to the sunrays.

Patent application number: 102016000101327



We have implemented innovative footwear soles and insoles with better thermoregulation properties, thanks to the development of a polyurethane and graphene solution. The heat-dissipation rate increases by more than 30%.




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