BeDimensional is an innovative startup (spin-off of the IIT – Italian Institute of Technology) dealing with the development of new materials for the manufacturing industry through the introduction of two-dimensional crystals, including graphene.

BeDimensional was created as a result of a pathway to increasing collaboration with the business world, both local and international, which has led to the implementation of various solutions and products ready for commercialization.


BeDimensional’s mission is to build unique recipes for the industry to add or increase the performance of various types of materials and thus the functionalities of the most diverse objects. BeDimensional has all the qualities to become a leader in this new field of composite materials with the ambition to revolutionize the global manufacturing industry.

Help make the world a better place, where each of us, and the things that matter most to us, will live a longer, safer and much more intense life.

Devise and create revolutionary materials to improve the objects that are part of our everyday life.


The scientific component of BeDimensional puts the company in a leading position in the field of materials science: in fact, it is at the center of the most advanced international research programs and plays a role of development, innovation and coordination in the “Graphene” Flagship.

The encouraging technical results and the appreciation by the market of the development and collaboration approach that has characterized BeDimensional in its first year of activity have led to the capitalization of the Company, joined by an entrepreneur and by Managers with a reorganization plan aimed at developing a pathway towards the industrial production of two-dimensional materials.


BeDimensional S.r.l. was born from the Technological Transfer program of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), and took inspiration from the initiative of leading worldwide researchers in the field of graphene and two-dimensional materials. The activity of BeDimensional is based on a patented method of production of two-dimensional crystals allowing control of their morphological properties.